Using Twitter to Provide a New Age Resume

As many individuals attempt to get a job, they are spending hours upon hours tweaking their resume to attract the attention of potential employers.  However, news from Mashable explains that many job seekers should turn to Twitter to submit a “Twesume” to attract potential employers.  A Twesume is a shortened version of your resume posted as a tweet on Twitter.  Contributor Josh Tolan discusses this new trend and his recommendations on improving it in his article “4 Ways to Improve Your Twesume.”

This news is important because it highlights the perceived influence that social media now has on every aspect of an individual’s life.  Many individuals are already reliant on social media for most of their daily activities, from where to eat/buy items, what shows to watch, how to interact with certain peers, etc.  You will see more potential job seekers relying heavily on social media for hiring opportunities if statistics show that the hiring rates via Twesumes are high.  In addition, submitting your resume via Twitter gives a job seeker the opportunity of getting an immediate or quick response from potential employers.

This is especially true since I see many friends and family members complaining about being unsuccessful getting a job through the “old school” process of sending your resume and cover letter to a company.  Then, afterwards you are crossing your fingers and hoping that someone calls you back for an interview.  This process could take days, weeks, and even months without any response.  In this sense, a Twesume is not only a social media advancement but a psychological booster to calm the nerves of job seekers. 


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