Will Senator-Elect Booker Lead the Charge for a Tech-Focused Government?

Last year, Newark Mayor Cory Booker won a special election to replace the late Senator Frank Lautenberg as New Jersey’s U.S. Senator alongside Senator Robert Menendez.  With the victory, TechCrunch claims that Senator-Elect Booker will become one of the most prominent voices nationally within the Democratic Party.  The interesting reason for this is not his power within political circles but due to the power he holds within technological circles, especially throughout Silicon Valley. 

In 2010, we saw this come to fruition in a $100 million donation from Facebook owner Mark Zuckerberg to Newark Public Schools.  Some reports show that most of the money went to consultants and administrative costs rather than going to the students and educators.  However, it still shows the influence that Senator-Elect Booker has with technological companies throughout the country and world.  With that said, there is one question for Americans to consider.  How will technological companies and its millionaire/billionaire top executives influence democracy in the United States?

The TechCrunch article highlights some “liberal” policies that we might see coming through the Democratic Party in the years to come.  However, when a group of millionaires and billionaires leads the push for policy reform we can only assume that politicians will not hear the voices of the average American.  These tech executives might claim to be liberal and for the American people.  However, when the option comes for profits or the greater good, which one do you think they will choose? 


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