Sharing your Sexual History Online

This week, Venturebeat posted a story about an online platform called Luhu that helps individuals share their sexual health status with potential partners.  An individual now has the opportunity to let a potential partner know if they have a sexually transmitted disease before getting intimate with them.  The article does not explain if Luhu violates the confidential patient laws (i.e., HIPAA) that are currently in place in the United States.  In addition, it is specifically for individuals who get STD testing on a regular basis rather than those who only get tested during an emergency or on a sporadic basis.

Based on the information in the article, it appears that the platform is not for everyone.  Luhu seems to be only for individuals who have disposable income to use for it.  In addition, this particular platform is not useful for individuals who live in houses and/or communities that do not have internet access.  Therefore, it might not be beneficial for the individuals who are most at-risk of contracting sexually transmitted diseases.       

This is an interesting new media development because it displays the openness of some individuals to promote their sexual activity to a broader audience.  In some occasions, these individuals might be complete strangers who are sharing very personal information.  This might bring up some privacy concerns because an individual is sharing intimate information with others who could use it against them throughout social networking sites.


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