Twitter Users can Now Tweet Coffee to Friends and Strangers

A recent article in the Huffington Post highlights a new technological advancement that Starbucks is enacting via Twitter.  Starting on Tuesday, a Twitter user can pay for someone else’s coffee by sending a tweet.  The program, known as “Tweet a Coffee” (suitably so), will transfer a $5 gift card to a person from the original Twitter user’s Starbucks account.  This new development shows a business partnership between Twitter and Starbucks that goes beyond the often-used Sponsored tweet.    

This is an interesting development in new media because it might bring some benefits to Twitter as they prepare their IPO.  In addition, it gives corporations a new marketing avenue to increase brand awareness and profits.  On the other hand, it is a promotional boost for Starbucks business since it is the first company to test transferring money or buying products through a tweet.  Current and potential customers will see the company as a progressive, technological advanced brand that is making their lives easier using social media.

Based on this new development, one can only assume who will be the next CEO, corporation, etc. to utilize the monetization of a tweet.  Will Starbucks counterpart Dunkin Donuts be next with some type of Twitter gift campaign for the holiday season?  Will a big chain supermarket use it to help Twitter users donate turkeys to friends in need?  Will a nonprofit organization use it to tweet resources to their clients?  Or, will a political campaign/politician use it to give Twitter users an opportunity to tweet donations to a campaign?  The sky is the limit, which leads to a very exciting time! 


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