Sharing Content Online will Strengthen Your Personal Brand

Mashable recently discussed the importance of sharing content on social networking sites.  In addition, they discussed how this could help a person become the ideal job candidate.  In the past, the belief was that a person should do anything and everything to get their name out there on social networking sites.  This meant building their personal brand by writing blogs and sharing them on sites, talking about yourself as much as possible, and making sure that your name appeared everywhere to increase your name/brand recognition on Google.  After years of doing this, it now seems as if that approach detracted attention from an individual.

This change in mindset now goes back to the old adage “sharing is caring,” which I believe can be described as “sharing increases the quality of my personal brand.”  I can attest to this new thought process because it helped me increase my relationships on social networking sites, specifically Twitter.  As a Parent Teacher Association President, one of the topics that I follow closely is public education and the “reform” movement.  I’ve started sharing content online related to public education and my relationships within this field increased immediately.  After a few weeks, I shared my first blog post on this particular topic.  In two days, my audience read the blog over 150 times.  In addition, a local paper published the article and I received recognition from public school teachers throughout my city.  This would not be possible if I did not start the relationship with others by sharing content and spreading the knowledge.

This is an interesting development in new media because it shows a movement from a “me-first” attitude to a “community-first” attitude.  It teaches us that we need to focus on developing relationships first before we try to make a name for ourselves.  In doing so, we strengthen our personal brand by becoming an ideal go-to person for knowledge and to promote other people and their content.  As I explained above, this is important because it transcends from social networking sites to the real world, which can lead to new job opportunities and professional relationships.


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