The Cruise Industry is Found to be Inauthentic

A news article by Global Travel Industry News discusses a study by Leeds Metropolitan University that studies corporate social responsibility in the cruise industry. The study goes into detail about how the industry is not going far enough to take care of the environment, the areas where they travel, and the entire society. The companies in this industry do not promote corporate social responsibility on their websites or any reports that they develop. In addition, the data that they report to public stakeholders do not include any positive results that occurred due to the efforts of the companies or sustainability initiatives from any particular efforts.

With that in mind, it is interesting to see the negative publicity against the entire industry due to the lack of authenticity of the companies within it. As discussed by Molleda and Roberts (2008), authenticity is an important asset in developing trust between an organization and its publics. The fact that the industry is not being authentic and honest with its publics is the main reason that this new study and all news displays negative traits for the industry and companies within it. In addition, many do not know if the industry is doing anything to support the environment or if they are just giving “lip service” to members of the public while still doing damage to the environment, animals, humans, etc.

Along with this, the limited reporting and lack of authenticity leads to a decreased economic value in the industry and companies within it. The lack of trust and authenticity does not give members of the public the sense that they can support them by going on trips in boats or donating funds for their efforts. Molleda and Roberts (2008) countered these initiatives by being more transparent and working hard to support the local economy, workers, society. The new Juan Valdez campaign increased the economic sustainability of Columbia and the coffee industry. While on this particular case, it is different because the reports do not show any economic sustainability because of the industry.

Sadly, this case shows that corporations are not progressing towards being authentic and concerned about developing trust with their publics and the entire society. There are some corporations who are fighting against this image to promote true corporate social responsibility. Companies like Chase Bank are promoting the social good and developing their community image locally and throughout the globe. However, I have not found any particular studies to discuss this particular impact or if the public finds them authentic or trustworthy. As we move forward, we should study the true authenticity of all corporations and industries.


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